Cashton Four Point Parish

The Cashton Four Point Parish would like to welcome everyone who would like to join us for Worship. We have 4 beautiful churches with county settings that come with beautiful views. The congregations are very warm and welcoming. We have 2 worship services every Sunday and rotate locations to make it easier for everyone to attend church weekly at a location close to them. If you go to our “To the Point” Newsletter page, you will find a calendar of our monthly activities and worship service times. You will also notice that coffee is offered after the early services at each of the churches. It is a great time to get to know more people and catch up with old friends.

We hope you decide to drop by and visit us sometime. Our doors are always open to everyone.

Easter Sunday Schedule on April 9th We would love to have you come join us.

         6:30:  Fish Creek Ridge Church with Pastor Amanda Schultz Garcia

        8:00:  North Coon Prairie Church with Pastor Barbara Bruneau

       9:30:  Brush Creek Church with Pastor Barbara Bruneau

      11:00Portland Church with Pastor Barbara Bruneau