Graduation Time!

High-School-Graduation-Christian-Quotes-1Congratulations to all of our graduates! We are so proud of this accomplishment in your life and are surrounding you all with prayer, love and support. Life will change on its own and along with that so will you. Change is a normal part of life, it isn’t always good, nor is it always bad. Change just is, and with those changes you will begin to see God and the Church in a new light as you begin to see your own life in a new light. Those of us older than you have been through it and look how normal we turned out! Hah! Have faith, love God, love your neighbor, trust that Jesus has got you just like he promised when you were baptized.

June 14-16 is the Lacrosse Area Synod Assembly themed “Walk…Pray…Love”. As part of the Assembly there is a special collection taking place! There is a Socks & Underwear Drive happening! You will seen more details in the newsletter.

How will we participate? Each congregation will announce a date and method of collecting donations. These will then be taken to the Synod Assembly by your delegates and become part of a bigger collection by congregations across the Lacrosse Area Synod.

I myself will not be at Synod Assembly. Last year I had booked a group trip to the Boundary Waters up in northern Minnesota. I leave the same day assembly starts and get back the following weekend. My Lutheran guilt is convicting me of not being at my first Synod Assembly here. But I’ve only missed one other time in the twenty-three years I’ve been going to them. Next time!

Blessings to all who will be tending the land as farmers or gardeners this Spring and sowing the seeds. May God protect you, may the weather be favorable, may you rejoice in anticipation of the growth to come.

“Praise and thanksgiving, God, we would offer

for all things living, you have made good:

harvest of sown fields, fruits of the orchard,

hay from the mown fields, blossom and wood.”

Praise and Thanksgiving, ELW #689


Pastor Dave Sorenson