Walk the Walk: Shoes for the Journey


It’s our first Lent together! Our theme for out 2019 Lenten services is “Walk the Walk: Shoes for the Journey” In this series I will compare different kinds of footwear that we commonly use and how they relate to our lives of faith.

This is a series I wrote back in my first call. It’s been used here and there around the country over the years.

As you are able, I invite you to join me in wearing the style of footwear that is the subject of the evening worship. Some weeks you may want to change into that particular footwear at church. Here is the week by week low down:


March 6th

Ash Wednesday: “The Shoe Rack – Ready for the Journey”

March 13th

Week 1:  “Slippers – Sabbath Rest”

March 20th

Week 2:  “Work Boots – Labor of Faith”

March 27th

Week 3: “Cross-Trainers – Exercising our Faith”

April 3rd

Week 4: “Hiking Boots – Adventures of Faith”

April 10th

Week 5: “Dress Shoes – Giving Our Best”

April 18th

Maundy Thursday: “Sandals – Jesus Washes Feet”

April 19th

Good Friday: “Bare Feet – Death of Jesus”

April 21st

Easter Sunday: “All Shoes – The Journey Continues”

The times and locations of the services are in the newsletter.

Confirmation will be at 5:30 pm at the church we are having service at that night. Food will be provided as always! Bring your bibles!

I know the Holy Spirit will draw us closer to Jesus and one another this Lent. I’m grateful to be on this journey with you.